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Websites and Domains explained for business.

The 4 critical steps when it comes to getting your business online, the 1 mistake most businesses make and how to avoid it.
I get lots of questions about setting up websites and domains and many people feel confused over what they are buying and how much it should cost and how it all works. The easiest way I find to explain this especially to business owners is to draw parallels to running a real shop or office. Continue reading Websites and Domains explained for business.

Weekly News Roundup 18/1/2016

I am back for 2016 and there is already some news to cover.

Netflix getting serious about region blockers, Space X is crashing rockets and it is actually a good thing and the Mobile App curation ball is dropped heavily by Google and Apple with culturally insensitive game getting attention. Continue reading Weekly News Roundup 18/1/2016

Should we have a right to privacy?

It is tipped that 2016 will be the year that encryption, privacy and mass surveillance will become one of the biggest concerns in mainstream and legislative discussion.

It started long ago when we started whispering and using coded messages to communicate. No way did we want Bob in purchasing to know about the after work party next week (I don’t know a Bob in purchasing but you get the idea). We didn’t want our manager to know that we were looking for work with a competitor. As for the spouse, we wanted to keep that secret savings account for that special occasion secret (birthdays and stuff, the good kind of secret). Continue reading Should we have a right to privacy?

Special 50% Discount Code for ProXPN

After a missed start, I can now offer the discount codes for all followers and listeners that want to subscribe to ProXPN premium.

Go to and use the offer code EZI015  (that is ezi-zero-15) to get 50% off the subscription cost of ProXPN premium which is only US$5/month for a 12 month subscription.
You can even subscribe with paypal or bitcoin! Continue reading Special 50% Discount Code for ProXPN

So Optus has EPL. Now what?

Australian Telco and ISP Optus has snatched the exclusive Australian EPL broadcast rights from traditional Aussie Pay TV giant Foxtel. What will this mean for the future of live sports coverage in Australia? How is Optus going to pull this off?

We still want it on TV but TV is changing.
We still want it on TV but TV is changing.*

If you want to read the news on this deal have a look at this news item from As for how Optus might distribute this media, well that is what I am really interested in. Continue reading So Optus has EPL. Now what?

My number one rule for small business and the internet.

SM_FailI do a fair bit of coaching small businesses on how to approach blogs and social media and often it comes down to the attitude that comes through in your posts that can make or break a campaign.

Gone are the days when you set up a website, address yourself as “we” and refer to yourself in the third person. With social media becoming the primary point of engagement the back and forth is turning the traditional consumer into your audience that will interact with you more as a person than as a brand. Your audience has also become so much more savvy and cynical with marketing. A flubbed tweet or misstep on your facebook page will not only be noticed, it will be shared and held up for ridicule.

Continue reading My number one rule for small business and the internet.