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Talking Technology on Drive 12th December 2013

Hot on the heels of the last show just posted, here is this weeks show with Paul Murray during 6PR’s drive.

With the festive season approaching, I have one more show before the break and will be back early in the new year.

Thanks for a great year everyone and all the best as we head towards a new year.

Talking Technology on Drive 5th December 2013

A little hitch in the system meant that this podcast has been delayed.

Better late than never, here is my chat with Paul Murray on the 6PR Drive show.

You can catch the show live every Thursday from 3:30PM to 4:00PM by tuning in 882 on the AM band or by listening to the live stream at

A new show with 6PR

I have been neglecting podcasts lately because I have been busy but I am picking things up again as I have just landed a busy timeslot with 6PR Drive and it was really busy! Lots of calls coming in and I was glad to be given this challenge. This is of course on top of the hour long show with Chris Ilsley every Wednesday morning from midnight to 1 AM. It is a punishing slot but I enjoy the chats I have with Chris and the nightowls of 6PR.

It all went well, I got more twitter followers and some great feedback from some existing clients who called in to say how much they liked my work.

I am really thankful for the opportunity and the kind words from listeners and followers alike. You can be assured that I will be back next week on the air.

If you want to help me on my journey please share this with your friends to spread the word and give them a chance to take part in the conversation.

Once again to the listeners, callers and followers thankyou all for your kind support.

Ben Aylett
Technology Tamer