Buying facebook likes? – don’t.

indexAnyone that has a facebook page may have been tempted to or have already purchased facebook likes to boost their reach. I have customers that have done this very thing but the results were not quite what was expected.

The numbers jumped, no question there but the people that liked the pages did not seem to fit the target audience. The accounts that liked the page did not seem to be genuine. They were often from a demographic that did not match the typical client. In most cases, my clients simply shrugged and either left it at that or pumped more money into promoting posts on the page.

I kept watching these pages and the level of interaction these new found accounts were having with the page. Trouble was, they weren’t. They simply like the page and then they seemed to go dead. No further activity. No likes on posts, no comments, no messages, nothing. Futhermore, the amount of genuine interaction seemed to fade a little and I was seeing less of the posts from these pages appear on my newsfeed.

I get that facebook needs to filter the huge amount of traffic to prevent people from becoming overwhelmed by the flood of posts, likes and game requests but the algorithms do not seem to be tuned to pages that have bought likes.

And then just this morning, I happened across this video from Veritasium on this very subject on Google+. It explains the current mechanics of facebook page likes well and confirmed my suspicions that I have had for a while now.

At the end of it all, I think that when it comes to getting likes on your facebook page, it is much better to have a genuine and engaged audience rather than have an empty number of stale accounts simply hanging off your facebook page.