Blackberry Z10 may save the day

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With a rebranding from RIM to Blackberry and the release of 2 new phones it looks like Blackberry (formerly Research In Motion) will not go quietly and if the figures are to be believed, Blackberry’s rebirth may be starting now in the UK and Canada.

In the UK, there are lines to purchase the new Blackberry handsets! Yes! People are actually lining up to purchase Blackberry phones! The white Z10 is sold out but you can still buy a black model from most carriers but stocks are limited. This may not be surprising if you know that the UK market is one where Blackberry is performing better than in other regions the sales are encouraging.

In the UAE and Canada, sales figures have been quoted as “solid” but the real test is when the Z10 and Q10 are released in the US market. Current expectations are optimistic and it is even possible to imagine that the race in the high end smartphone market will have to accept a fourth contender.

Some more telling stats are saying that 50% of potential new Blackberry owners are currently using Apple or Android smartphones forcing the other big players to sit up and take notice.

The fight for top spot has developed from a toe-to-toe title fight between Apple and Samsung into an all out back alley brawl between four equally determined heavyweights.

Pass the popcorn, this is going to be a battle to watch.