BigDog gets an arm

Boston Dynamics’ BigDog is given an arm.

Click the creepy robo-dog to go to the story on BBC.
Click the creepy robo-dog to go to the story on BBC.

Boston Dynamics has been developing a four-legged robot known as BigDog for some years now in conjunction with the Pentagon to continue to tweak the design to work in a combat support role as well as search and rescue operations. The robot the size of a large dog previously came equipped with 4 legs and would noisily stomp over pretty much any terrain and carry heavy loads but now if has been fitted with an arm mounted where you would expect its head to be. With the arm and pincers there are demonstration videos showing this slightly unnerving robo-hound pick up a breeze block, lift and hurl the block a good 3 to 4 metres behind the machine.
Sure there are the humanitarian aspects to this but the applications in the battlefield are also very easy to imagine. An entire platoon of these clattering platforms bearing articulated turrets would be a positively frightening sight.

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