Better security than just passwords?

There is a better way to secure your computer than just a password and it is called 2 factor authentication. At the moment, it is mostly used by the corporate world, banks and other high security applications.

2 factor authentication uses both your password and something physical you carry with you to confirm your identity. Most commonly this is found as those little electronic key fobs that display constantly changing numbers. This follow the 2 factor principle of authenticating with “something you know” (password) and “something you have” (a physical key or other unique item).

The news-y thing about all this is that 2 factor authentication is becoming more accessible from an interesting place, Ford Motor Company. Those that have new Ford cars may know about a feature where the car unlocks itself when you are nearby. This is done by using your smartphone that is synced with your car and when the car senses your phone nearby, it unlocks itself so you do not need keys to open it. Pretty smart but this opens the door to better security for computers.

Imagine that you have your computer secured with a password as well as your phone using bluetooth or another wireless system (NFC, RFID). Not only will you need to remember the password you need to have your phone near the computer in order to use it.  Of course, every method has its flaws but this at least is a simple implementation of 2 factor authentication without radically increasing the inconvenience of punching in another set of numbers or physically plugging something into the computer.

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