Aussie Pirates : If you offer it, we will pay.

No surprises here really.SUATMM

StreamCo a potential Australian streaming platform from the Nine network has conducted a study and found that over half of the self-confessed pirates surveyed would pay for content if it was available within the Australian market.

This has been a long-standing argument for a quality streaming service like Netflix to become available in Australia. It is well known that many Australians are using proxy services such as Hola to bypass geoblocking and pay for the Netflix service.

There are even online guides including this one from Choice Magazine Australia on how to defeat the geoblocking measures put in place to comply with regional licensing restrictions.

There are doubts over the validity of the study but all the same the “just take our money and let us watch decent content” sentiment I have heard echoed all over Australia.

It could be just a “study” conducted to let investors know that this is a viable project. I say the study was not needed in the first place. Just walk around and talk to anyone pretty much anywhere in Australia.