AUSPOST fake emails spreading crypto-virus again.

BREAKING : Feb 2, 2016 – New reports are surfacing that as of this morning, scammers are forging and distributing emails masquerading as Australia Post delivery notices.

An example of the scam email
An example of the scam email

This scam is being used to spread cryptoviruses (cryptolocker, cryptowall etc.) currently one of the largest threats to home and business users alike.

How to avoid it : Even if you are expecting an email from Australia Post it is recommended that you do not click any links in any emails. Instead open your web browser and type in the address of the service you want. This will ensure that you avoid the possibility of falling victim to this scam.

Other action : If you are running a business, it is highly recommended that you protect yourself by disabling the mechanisms in Windows that allow cryptoviruses to function.
Cryptoprevent acts to prevent malicious code from functioning and can protect your systems from infection even if a well-meaning employee opens an infected email attachment. To find out more, have a look at my page on Cryptoprevent from Foolish IT.

It is recommended that you share this alert with your friends and business colleagues to help prevent this malicious virus from spreading and eventually making its way to you.

For more information or media enquiries contact Ben Aylett at EZiWireless using the contact details on this web page (

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