Are we in the matrix?

If this is real, I am signing up!computerbrain

There was a scene in The Matrix that made me think “That is so cool!”. It was the scene that showed the hero “Neo” played by Keanu Reaves learning things by some direct link into his gourd. Load a file into the system, flip a switch and the knowledge of Kung Fu is there in minutes.

Apart from the big metal spike uncomfortably jammed into his cerebellum it is one of the coolest things I saw in a movie.

And now, Scientists at Boston University and ATR Computational Neuroscience Labs in Kyoto say this is possible.

Using a FMRI (Functional Magentic Resonance Imaging) the brain-nerds have been studying ways to send signals into the visual cortex that can ‘induce’ knowledge and influence brain activity patterns. The process even sounds science fiction cool. Decoded Neurofeedback or DecNef.

No medication, no need for anesthesia and you can have patterns from a Chessmaster or elite athelete merged into your own patterns. Initial tests on volunteers (lucky buggers!) have returned positive results that the process works.

Now excuse me while I make a list of brains to copy.