Apple’s App Store turns five and gives Apple users the presents.

Free Apps! What a party!promo_five_year

And these apps are not usually free.

Tops apps like Infinity Blade II, Barefoot World Atlas, Badland, How to Cook Everything, Over, Tiny Wings, Where’s My Water? and Traktor DJ on offer you are getting some high quality best-sellers for free. Zilch, Nix, Nada, Gratis, No deposit, no payments and zip.

The App store started in 2008 with 500 apps and two days later 10 million downloads were recorded. Super Monkey Ball by Sega was the first chart topper in less than a month with 300,000 downloads scoring Sega US$3 million in sales followed later that year by Shazam and Facebook claiming most downloaded apps in September and December respectively.

There were many other milestones reached over the next 5 years with this year seeing 50 billion downloads recorded on the 16th of May and on the 10th of June Apple confirmed it had paid to developers more than US$10 Billion. Since Apple takes a 30% cut of all sales in the App store that means that sales would have totalled around US$14.3 billion and Apple would have pocketed close to US$4.3 billion. (JUST ON APPS ALONE!)

As a thankyou, Apple is coming up with the goods. But it is for a limited time so get onto it. Hit the App store on your iOS device or fire up iTunes to make the most of this by clicking here.

(If you are one of those types that do not trust everything clickable on the internet, good for you. Just use your browser of choice to go check it out.)