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pirateswirJust minutes ago I was tweeted the results of the iiNet vs Dallas Buyers Club Inc. (DBC Inc.) case before the courts and the findings have gone pretty much in favour of DBC inc. with conditions.

Regardless of the conditions this opens the door for copyright holders to pursue people who have illegally downloaded copyright protected content and serve them with breach notices with an option to settle out of court or appear before a judge where I can be assumed the punishment for the breach will be severe.

The conditions include that the application to obtain customer information must be approved by a judge on a case by case basis and that the customer details must be kept private. This does NOT protect people busted from illegally downloading content protected by copyright.

This is a massive shift in the Australian online landscape where the law has sided (to a point quite rightfully) with the owner of copyright protected content that can afford to pay investigators to track down pirates.

My advice has been and will continue to be :
Do not download copyrighted content. We may have legitimate reasons to do so but you still have to convince a court of law if you get caught.
Penalties will be severe.

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