…And I thought some of my customers have trouble letting go!

This is flat out amazing.

Born in the 70's and still working hard.
Born in the 70’s and still working hard.

Way back in the day when I was a nerdling I was shown a computer system when I went on an excursion to the University of Western Australia. It was the PDP-11 and was the pride of the computer department. The PDP family of computers were made by Digital Equipment Corporation but all the cool kids called them DEC until they were brought by HP. These monsters were big. I mean take-up-a-large-room big. Punch cards, hard drives the size of upright washing machines, cranky system administrators that didn’t like the way you looked at their shiny shrine to the computer gods.

I just read a story that these dinosaurs once ran nuclear power plants. I was surprised to find out that they are still doing that same job today! You can imagine my flat out disbelief that these nuke centres will keep these systems in service until 2050! That’s another 37 years! I have my doubts I will last another 37 years! This computer system will survive the people that installed it. I start to give tut-tut noises when I hear of computers that are more than 5 years old but these relics are still doing the job they started with AND they are still needing programmers to tend to them. At least 2 more generations of programmers to be exact.

How old is your oldest tech that is still in use today?

If you have a computer system or similar equipment that is providing long service, let me know on twitter or facebook. Share the wonder of long-lived technology.

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