Aldi Australia, meet the internet.

The internet is like one of those radically unpredictable people we all know. Every group has one. (If you don’t know who it is in your group it is probably you.)

ZING! Credit to @wolfcat.

You know the type. One moment they are massively helpful and entertaining, the next they are like a sailor having problems with impulse control

Aldi Australia is getting a taste of that right now. (I know, possibly a poor choice of words.)

What I want to know is, was this just an innocent mistake akin to dropping a mouse into a nest of snakes¬†without imagining what could go wrong or is it sheer genuis? Some of the replies are honest like “Organic Milk Chocolate”, others are a little biting like “Defeat” and “the bitter tears of a social media idea gone wrong” and of course some replies are simply not fit to repeat.

Either way, this has potential to trend within Australia but possibly not with the responses expected.

Some of the responses are below and they get a little salty but by no means is the worst of the stream of replies.