Airtime – EZiWireless style

Not because I can’t, because I don’t want to.

This week Jon Lewis was in the big chair while Chris took the wheel for another time slot and we had a good time talking to heaps of callers and having fun talking about technology.

We find out that the Etch-A-Sketch and the iPad have something in common, I recall my work with Automatic Teller Machines, we talk with callers about their ways to keep computers running smooth and I make some pretty obscure analogies using cars and umbrellas in buckets.

The chatroom came in handy too with a good question from Orpheus* so feel free to check it out next time I am on the air and get involved with the discussion.

A big thanks to the people that make a difference to the show… the people that call, text, email and chat. To listen click this link to go direct to the recording or visit the 6PR Recordings folder.

*Maybe not their real name. Just saying..