EZiWireless in the Pilbara?

Some might not know this but I consider Karratha not only my home for 11 years of my life but also a place where I matured as a technician and business owner. In late 2005 I left to return to Perth so we could be closer to family in Perth and Margaret River and left behind the excellent life in Karratha. Since then my thoughts of Karratha were constantly running through my mind and I have kept in touch with a few old customers I had when I was running Pilbara Technical Services.

Recently, technology has come a long way and I can now offer IT support to everyone all over the world but I want to concentrate in the West Pilbara where I know it is not easy to get things done quickly due to the stresses on local businesses. I want to give back to the community that gave me such a great opportunity for personal and professional growth.

I am still based in Perth which gives me access to great technical resources as well as a pool of talented people to call on when things get busy. I can now assist anyone anywhere in the world with a computer that can open a web page which allows me to attend to all sorts of tasks since most work these days has very little to do with hardware and more to do with software and services.

I also offer secure online backup services which is based entirely in Western Australia. It is automatic, secure and monitored.

Feel free to ask more about how I can help the Pilbara region.

In the meantime have a look around my website, contact me on skype, subscribe to my twitter feed or find me on facebook.

Thanks very much for your time and I look forward to assisting you in the very near future.

Ben Aylett

EZiWireless (formerly Pilbara Technical Services)

ph: 0419965196


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