A new year, a new Java security hole.

Java continues to open doors for hackers.

Click the image to go straight to tips on how to secure java.
Click the image to go straight to tips on how to secure java.

For how to secure Java on your computer (Windows, Mac and Linux) go to the java help page here or paste the following into your browser.


From the feature that brought you minecraft and the first major security flaw in Apple’s OSX comes another security vulnerability that claims to impact 850 MILLION computers around the world.

Due to Java’s ability to work on Windows, Mac and Linux machines, exploits found in Java affect the entire Personal Computer sector. That’s the bad news. The good news is that this can be fixed pretty quickly by visiting the link above or by contacting your professional computer guy (me included) to disable the bad parts of Java and reduce the risk of having your computers compromised.

Another factor that people tend to overlook is that if you leave your computer vulnerable to security issues you are not only putting yourself at risk but you are also putting contacts in your social network and their friends in the firing line.