A new show with 6PR

I have been neglecting podcasts lately because I have been busy but I am picking things up again as I have just landed a busy timeslot with 6PR Drive and it was really busy! Lots of calls coming in and I was glad to be given this challenge. This is of course on top of the hour long show with Chris Ilsley every Wednesday morning from midnight to 1 AM. It is a punishing slot but I enjoy the chats I have with Chris and the nightowls of 6PR.

It all went well, I got more twitter followers and some great feedback from some existing clients who called in to say how much they liked my work.

I am really thankful for the opportunity and the kind words from listeners and followers alike. You can be assured that I will be back next week on the air.

If you want to help me on my journey please share this with your friends to spread the word and give them a chance to take part in the conversation.

Once again to the listeners, callers and followers thankyou all for your kind support.

Ben Aylett
Technology Tamer