A new Aussie domain is on the cards

150527_auDA_265_114We all know the .com and .com.au domains. Some of us even know about .net.au, .org.au and .gov.au but the auDA (.au Domain Administration) is considering making available to Australian individuals and businesses domains that end in just .au.

How is this different?
Let’s imagine you have a bottleshop, we will call it Booze Brothers and you want to set up a website and have an email address that says “I am Ben from the Booze Brothers”.

In the 2015 world we would set up a domain with a website and the address would be www.boozebrothers.com.au.
The proposed change to the com.au TLD (top level domain) would shorten it to just .au making your new domain www.boozebrothers.au. This is not really a big deal because we have similar examples already.
Canadian websites end in .ca, Singapore ends in just .sg, Switzerland ends with just a .ch and the United Kingdom ends with a .uk and there is also .ly used by services like bit.ly even though it is assigned to Libya.

So why go ahead with this additional TLD?
It is expected to reduce long term confusion between .com.au and .net.au domains, create more options for people and businesses registering domains, make domain names shorter and easier to remember.

Would you be happy to see microsoft.com.au become microsoft.au?

If so, you are able to register your interest by registering your vote here and answer YES to all the questions.
(Link is https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WKZZLPV)

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