8/12/2014 Tech Tonight

Thanks for a great year! It has been fun to share my love of technology with everyone, answer a few questions, generally have fun with listeners, callers and of course the host with the most – Chris Ilsley!feature_mic

  • For my last show of 2014 I kick off with a confession about a fear I had.
  • We start off the gift ideas with the really big ticket items and I talk about a new product aimed at gamers and powered by the Steam online store (steampowered.com).
  • We also talk about the new big name smartphones, high end tablets.
  • Darko stumps me with an iPhone question, for a moment only.
  • Cameras are next up for discussion. Has the smartphone killed the digital camera?
  • Jo calls in looking for answers with problems she has had with Apple iCloud.
  • Craig raises a good question about my role with possible deals with other retailers.
  • Emanuelle puts my fitness habits under the scope and asks about the Fitbit range of products.
  • The gift list continues into the sub $1000 range. Soundbars and drones!
  • I give the nod to a TV connected device for the $100 to $199 range.
  • Robin lets us know about recycling audio gear.
  • We talk the budget range to round out a shortened gift ideas list.

Seasons Greetings to all! See you in 2015!