73,000 (In)security cameras worldwide

Right now, there are at least 73,000 security cameras still running default passwords that are being publicly streamed from a single website.

A scary (but brilliant) website is exposing tens of thousands of private security cameras all over the world (924 of them are in Australia) by displaying their live feeds as well as a location shown on Google Maps.

Why is this happening? When the DVR or cameras were installed, the default admin password was not changed and the way the systems were installed on the network are allowing unchecked access to the live feeds.

As the default passwords are well known and most cameras broadcast details that can identify the make and model of the camera quickly giving away the default password for that system.

Self-installation is all well and good but if you do not change and record the default password then your camera is not only giving you a live picture but also potentially the rest of the world visiting this website. (http://insecam.com/)

Always read the user manual or get a trusted professional (IT or Security) to assist with securely setting up your security camera system.

UPDATE : It looks like the website may either be under a heavy load or not working properly. This does not change the fact that there are still many internet-connected cameras that are out there sharing video feeds for the world to see.