6PR Technology Hour – April 4 2012

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Here are the topics from last nights show. An edited copy of the live recording is here (soundcloud).

  • Employers pry into facebook
    This is one of those things that generally I am against. There should be no reason anyone should ask for the username and password to anyone’s account unless you are the legal guardian of a minor and you need to protect said minor from themselves. Adults should never be pressured into handing over facebook or other social network credentials to anyone. I believe people should be allowed self expression outside working hours. While you are on the job, you represent the company but when the working day is done you are your own person.Asking for account credentials is in violation of facebook’s terms of service as is giving them.
    My tip – create a sanitized facebook profile if you think you might need an alternative social face and give credentials for this instead of your real day to day profile.
    Latest in this line is http://news.cnet.com/8301-1009_3-57408123-83/teachers-aide-refuses-to-share-facebook-access-is-suspended/
  • Geek Dreams : Flying cars are coming – to the NY Motor Show.
    We are getting close to a big part of living the life of the Jetsons. A Flying car is set to be revealed at this weeks Auto Show in NY. The Terrafugia Transition has two seats, four wheels, street legal indicators and a pair of folding wings. The Transition has a sticker price of US$279000 putting in the realm of high end sports cars but then when was the last time you could actually claim you had a car that literally flew?
  • Console wars, the next round rumored to be kicked off at this years E3
    Sony and Microsoft expected to announce their next consoles. Details on the consoles are sketchy but word is that developers have been working with the console makers to bring out games for the release of the next round in the battle for our living rooms. We might see more downloadable content, ultra-violet disk capabilities, tightly integrated voice/video services and the jury is out if we will see bigger hard drives or the introduction of SSD storage for faster load times.