6PR Tech Hour May 8, 2012

Samsung Galaxy S III announced

I have done my own article with my view on the latest and potentially greatest smartphone yet.
Read about it here.

Security pain continues for Apple

Users of OSX Lion (10.7.3) using encryption may be shocked to find that the key used to encrypt the hard drives or files on a hard drive is stored unencrypted on the hard drive. This is like leaving the key to your house under doormat or flowerpot by the front door. This security flaw was discovered (and reported) by a security researcher back in February. Apple is still yet to respond after the story broke to mainstream media under a week ago.
Read the tech crunch article here. At this point, users of 10.7.3 will only be affected if someone manages to gain access to the computer with a view to access the data. This would be an excellent time to make sure you know where your computer is at all times and check to see if your Java is up to date.