6PR Tech Hour May 16, 2012

ACCC takes a G off the new iPad

Looks like Apple has decided it has better things to do with its legal fund than fight the ACCC and it has dropped any reference to 4G, LTE and Wimax in its Australian stores and advertising relating to the latest iPad.
Because Australian (and European) networks operate on different frequencies to the US and Canadian carriers Apple’s claims of access to network faster than 3G services are not valid. 4G/LTE simply does not work in Australia and as a result, the ACCC has ordered Apple to clarify.
Unlike other Apple legal battles, this was over in a comparative blink of the eye.
See the full ZDnet story here. http://www.zdnet.com/blog/london/apple-gives-in-ipad-3-drops-82164g-tag-to-avoid-lawsuits/4683

Game Over for Game.com.au?

On Monday the Australian game retailler Game appointed Price Waterhouse Coopers as administrators as the retail chain determines its future. Right on top of the highly anticipated release of Diablo III! This is bad timing as pre-orders are now in doubt and could put extra pressure on the administrators. This thins the field of retail competitors to one specialist player, EB Games with JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Retravision and others fighting it out for remaining share. Even with the assumed backing from the GAME Europe business it seems as though GAME Australia could not get enough market share from the EB Games as well as online alternatives.
For the GAME announcement got to their website and for the News.com.au report click here.

Anonymous stakes claim on all of US data.

In an interview with Postmedia News, Chris Doyon a hacker with links to the organisation has indicated that members of the hacker collective have access to the world’s most powerful secrets. Going along the logic that the world is now controlled by information that is no longer under physical lock and key instead it is flying about the world as 0’s and 1’s. It is only a matter of time according to Doyon that this information will be released to the public and potentially spells trouble for the current perceived powerbrokers in Government and the corporate worlds. This goes back to last week’s discussion regarding how control of information can have a big impact on the balance of power and can be demonstrated by how laws regarding cross media ownership are applied to big players in the media sector. Full story here.

Review : Sniper Elite V2 misses the mark

Following the hype surrounding Rebellion/505 Games latest game Sniper V2 Elite I decided to have a look at this controversial title. Christian groups are calling for the banning of the title due to extremely graphic content. The content in question is when you successfully shoot an enemy the gameplay slows to “Bullet Time” showing the bullet leaving the barrel of your rifle, travelling to the target and then meeting its target. This part of gameplay can either show the bullet passing through the body or switch to an “x-ray” view showing the passage of the bullet through organs and bones. Sadly this seems to be where most of the effort has gone as the enemy AI (the way the enemy reacts to your actions) is simple and overall gameplay/finish does not measure up to other shooter heavyweights like Call of Duty, Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare to name a few.
If you like the original Sniper title or the genre then you might enjoy this game. If you are more for the classic combat simulator/shooter then you will find this title is really not for you. That said, the title deserves an R18+ rating but has somehow scraped in as MA15+ for the time being.

New Macbook Pro tipped to be announced soon

Apple’s portable powerhouse the Macbook Pro is expected to get a bump in specifications according to leaked performance reports which indicate that MBP will be running Intel’s latest architecture code named Ivybridge and sporting a display similar to the Retina Display we see on the new iPad and latest iPhone. I like the expected quality of this display and the thought of using next generation electronics promises performance and excellent battery life. How these new models will physically compare to the current stable is only speculation but insiders are tipping that the new MBP will look more like the Macbook Air.
Check the story here.

Google makes drivers obsolete in Nevada – kinda.

Google has successfully licensed its mini fleet of autonomous cars with a few special conditions. These cars are allowed loose on the Nevada roads but only if they have a person in the drivers seat and the front passenger seat in case things go pear-shaped. The license plates are also red making the cars easy to identify on the road. This is a step forward in testing but the real test will be when the cars are driving about on normal plates as I think having other drivers around the car know that it is autonomous may change their behavior. Engadget has a short report here.