6PR Tech Hour

Apple makes a few announcements.

The WWDC (World wide developers conference) happened at 1AM Tuesday morning Perth time and in the 2 hour presentation Apple announced a new line of Macbook Pro Laptops, a new operating system for both the Mac and mobile platforms. The Mac Book Pro has a new entrant in its line up that sports a display that matches the new iPad’s retina display packing 5.1 million pixels into the 15 inch display. This will be the weapon of choice for people that need beautiful graphics. The hard drive is a speedy solid-state version that will make the most of the thumping quad core i7 processor. The only downside is that memory (RAM) upgrades may not be possible as the memory is soldered into the mainboard. The exercise across the Macbook pro range has been to slim things down by removing “old” technology like the optical drive and the ethernet port (all networks are wireless according to Apple) while retaining up to 7 hours of battery life.
Portable devices like the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch also get a little extra with the announcement of iOS6 which brings Siri to the iPad and the ability for Siri to understand and do more. Apple also dumps google maps for its own version of maps which includes turn by turn navigation and real time traffic data provided by other users of Apple maps.
A notable omission is any big bump for the Mac Pro, Apple’s flagship desktop. With only a small increase on the processor there was not much of else of note for the Mac Pro. This may indicate that the Mac Pro is headed for the heap in a couple more generations.

Flamer worm mystery continues. 

The Flamer worm has continued to act strangely as work continues to probe the virus deepening suspicions that it is backed by a highly sophisticated organisation. It has been revealed that as soon as the worm was discovered and announced by Kaspersky, the command and control network intended to provide the Flamer worm with directions as well as a place to send information vanished in an attempt to cover it’s tracks. This is unusual behavior for a typical virus or worm and strengthens the role of the worm as an espionage tool.
I think we are headed for a time that much like at the birth of human flight, the defense and intelligence organisations will accelerate innovation as the cyber arms race escalates.

Looking ahead for the 6PR Tech Hour

I have listened to feedback and I think I will start incorporating a “foundation course” for listeners to give people not completely comfortable with technology access to information that will hopefully give a “ground up” understanding of technology in plain English. This is where the listeners come in. I may already have a plan for what I will cover but I am also open to suggestions or questions that could do with a bit of explaining. Please email admin@eziwireless.net.au with your suggestion and I will be happy to answer your questions as best you can while sharing with others that might be looking for similar answers. All emails will be anonymous and your personal information will not be used unless otherwise stated by the sender.