6PR Talking Technology April 11 2012

Here’s this mornings live recording.
6PR Tech Guy 11 April 2012

Facebook set to buy Instagram for US$1b.
This is great news for Facebook on many fronts. They need to make changes with their mobile sharing of photos and Instagram will give Facebook the tools it needs and also as a bonus to facebook, Google now can’t have it. This may well be the start of aggressive purchases of startups and smaller players between the industry heavyweights to strengthen their respective positions. This might also be a precursor to a tech bubble but it is too early to call for sure at this point.

Facebook sharing between friends also means you are sharing between the apps they have installed and share their information with. Simply put, apps your friends install will ask for information to your information.
This strengthens the argument that you should only put information you are willing to share with complete strangers on Facebook or the Internet.

Apple madness stories:
Canberran applies for civil union with his iPad.
Not much to add to this. Apple fanboys are flat out crazy.

Teen sells kidney on black market to buy apple products.
This is more to do with the black market in China that it does with technology but it does give an indication of what lengths some people will go to get their hands on shiny new apple products or any well designed product for that matter.

Quantum computing comes closer as researchers build quantum computer inside a diamond.
This is a big deal particularly in cryptography as it is predicted that a quantum computer is able to test all possible values simultaneously. In short this means that a password or encryption key could be cracked instantly. This could force a big rethink of how we secure our accounts and information.

Google’s self driving car patent continues to build on a good idea by adding the ability to avoid moving obstacles and to operate autonomously to run errands and pick the kids up from school. The future from where I stand is looking very bright indeed.

Touchscreen concept becomes flexible.
Amstel, a manufacturer for touchscreens used by LG and Samsung has announced a concept of touch new touchscreen that can bend 40 degrees from its centre meaning we may see a change in the shape of tablets in the future.