6PR Show Followup

My homework for some listeners that everyone might enjoy…

This morning’s show I got a regular call from Helena who asked about places to get music to include in her work etc. I could not quite remember the whole name of the site and said I would get back via the blog.

CCMixter.org is a great site that hosts and provides search services for music that has been produced, remixed and mashed up which could provide you with a good range of music free for non-commercial use. This is called creative commons and you can find an overview of what that means here.

CCMixter.org has a nice little iphone app that even pulls together playlists based on genre or mood. I’ll even include one of my favorite discoveries here to get you started. It is Lullaby by the user _ghost and you will find the link to the page here.

If you create music this is a great way to get discovered and remixed too.