5 Facts on Video Games and special pre-order offer.

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What is technology really good at?videogames_300_300

Entertainment. Specifically video games and there is an industry that is tipped to be worth US$100 billion by 2017 to prove it. It is the reason why we have tech in the hands of consumers that is vastly more powerful than a pocket calculator. If you just want a computer for email and web, you can get that done with a tablet or smartphone or a computer that costs less than a couple of weeks wages.

Here are 5 facts about video games.

  1. The video games industry is estimated to be worth US$100billion worldwide by 2017 which is overshadowed by the global movie and entertainment industry at US$137billion (includes traditional cinema and online/mobile distribution
  2. 4 out of 5 households have a device used for playing games with an average of 2 gamers in every game-playing household in the US.
  3. The Average Gamer is 35 years old,
  4. 56% of gamers are male, 44% are female
  5. Average Male Gamer is 35 and most female gamers are 43 years old.

And gaming is continuing to get bigger all the time. Just this morning, Youtube has announced it’s own Live-Streaming video game service allowing players to stream live broadcasts of their gameplay to the internet as their audience and this is bigger than you think.
Well known Youtuber Pewdiepie has one of the most successful channels built on gameplay video boasting over 38 million subscribers, almost 10 billion views bringing in an estimated US$24million every year. Not bad for a young man playing video games.

Competitive gaming also brings big dollars to players with Melbourne Crown Casino recently announcing that it will be joining the European eSports Organisation ESL and hosting an invitational Counter Strike:Global Offensive tournament with prizes worth AUD$55,000.