2013 is the year of the hacker?

Two months in to 2013 and we are seeing more high profile compromises than ever.Hacker_Inside_Logo.svg

Hot on the heels of the infamous twitter account hacks of Burger King and Jeremy Clarkson we have seen more issues with hijacked twitter accounts including @Channel7 among other high profile accounts. Even @MTV poked fun at the whole affair by claiming they were hacked too (they weren’t).

The twitter hacks have highlighted issues with secure passwords and the lack of security with hyperlinks in direct messages and tweets.

How to keep your twitter account safe…

  • Use a complex password and change it as often as possible. Lastpass or Keepass are both great ways to generate and manage secure passwords. Please check them out.
  • Do not click on odd links like advertisements for finance, weight loss and other links that seem out of character for the people you follow on twitter.

The next area of failures in security is Java once again and this time Apple and Facebook have been compromised. The attack has come through Java security holes but the attack is coming from a different angle.

It is called the “watering hole” attack where a website that is used by employees of Apple and Facebook to conduct their day to day work. In this case it was a mobile application developer resource that had been compromised due to outdated webserver or content management systems which allowed the bad guys to add a little something extra that would open up Apple and Facebook employee workstations to attack. Fortunately, no sensitive information was leaked and steps have been taken to close the security hole. This highlights the importance of keeping all your software up to the latest revision or removing the software if you are not using it.

Here are a few links that relate to this story and keeping your system secure.