EZiWireless on radio, now low in punctuality!

Sorry all, been a little busy and semi-forgetful and did not get the audio from this weeks show uploaded until last night. However now that Box.net has a great desktop sync tool, that is one less step for me to do in getting the audio available to all. I recommend you have a look at box.net if you want to have somewhere to stash files to be accessed from many places. A little tip however if you will be using it to store sensitive information – make sure you encrypt the files BEFORE you upload to Box.net or any other similar service using a solid encryption tool like Truecrypt.

You can find this week’s show in the 6PR Recordings section or you can just link direct to the file here.

Enjoy and don’t forget to send your questions/suggestions to Chrisi@6pr.com.au to get them answered on air and available here.