19/1/2015 Tech Tonight


  • Back for 2105!
  • Loud shirts could be my thing this year.
  • CES2015 shows off wireless charging epicness with the Energis Wattup.
  • Emanuelle wants one and tells us about other charging options.
  • Deep fried batteries?
  • Quantum dot technology is the next big thing for TV. I explain how it works.
  • More from CES2105, a concept car from Mercedes and autonomous cars by 2020?
  • We talk with Eric about self-driving cars and the impact it may have on our lives.
  • Intel’s compute stick! What is it?
  • Windows 8 gets another blast and other versions get a roasting and there is hope for Windows 8 users.
  • Richard sends in an SMS about upgrading “just the guts” of a computer.